Tree Care

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Regular tree care and maintenance is important to upholding the health and appearance of your trees. While some steps can be taken at home, most should be handled by professionals to avoid potential injury. Frequent tree care methods that are suitable can include pruning and shaping in order to keep the trees with a groomed appearance.

Seasonal Care

As the seasons change, they have an affect on the wellbeing of your trees and their appearance. To keep your trees healthy during these times of change, it is important to care for them correctly in between seasons. This can include pruning before Spring time and after the leaves have fallen in the Fall, as well as regular watering during dryer months in the Summer. Seasonal care should be adjusted to the time of year and the needs of your trees specifically.


While there’s not particularly much maintenance required on your end, it is your responsibility to consistently check the integrity of your trees over time. We recommend doing this during the seasonal changes or after heaving rain and Winter storms. Scheduling regular trimming and care sessions with your tree care professionals can provide substantial benefits to your tree’s health and longevity over time. Enlisting the help of professionals also ensures that you’re not putting yourself at risk to perform such tasks without the right training or tools.


Tree care should be consistent and that often require frequency in the types of care and grooming methods performed. While there’s not a distinct set number of times in which your trees should be pruned or branches should be removed or braced, there is a particular frequency in which you should monitor your trees for their wellbeing. We suggest to our clients to keep an eye on their trees and physically check on them at least once or twice during each season change. This helps keep track of the changes that most trees go through and you can report back to us your trees’ progress over the year and in between tree care services. If you notice something peculiar or out of the ordinary in between quarterly, bi-annual, or annual tree care services, let us know and we’ll see if we can address it.


As part of our ethics, we’re committed to providing clients with affordable tree services they can trust in. From the get-go, we remain transparent about the types of services we offer and the potential price tag that comes with them. However, we go the extra mile to ensure that each of our clients is given specialized treatment that meets their needs. We understand that tree services may not be a item most clients have money set aside for, so we open ourselves up and remain flexible to working with budgets that you are comfortable in. What’s more, even though we’re able to offer our services as low-cost tree surgeons, you won’t be getting any less quality than if you paid more! Find out much more details about us.

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