Tree & Stump Removal

This is a picture of a tree and stump removal service.

Tree and stump removal can be done to meet the needs of the clients’ requests. While most tree or stumps are merely unsightly, others may be invaded with infestations or disease, if left untreated. The process of removing a tree or stump should always be performed by professionals to reduce the risk of injury to both yourself and from damaging the remainder of your lawn.

Tree Removal

Tree trimming and removal is done when the integrity of the standing tree has been compromised. This can be the result of disease or decay, or the tree could warn potential harm to surrounding structures such as roofs and gutters. The process of removing a tree is fairly standard across the board but varies in terms of difficulty depending on the size of the tree. Larger trees will require more delicate removal and penetration into their roots. We do our best to minimize the damage from tree removal, but with larger trees holes are often one of the consequences to removal. If you’re having a tree removed for aesthetic or structural purposes, we often attempt to recycle the tree, if possible. If you’re having a tree removed due to disease or infestation, then we’ll likely dispose of it accordingly, after it has been removed.

Stump Removal

Stump removal involves the extraction of the tree stump, like with larger tree removals, by removing its roots from the bottom up. Another common way to remove larger stumps is to add a chemical component to the stump that helps it deteriorate, making it easier to remove from the ground without excessive force. Clients should note that the removal of a stump often leads them with holes that will need to be filled and fertilized after extraction and in order to promote new growth in the area.

Stump Grinding

If there’s an old stump that you’ve opted to leave in your yard to avoid the aftermath, we can offer our stump grinding services to help maintain it. Grinding is the practice of essentially shaving the top layer of the existing stump to reduce its appearance. Stump grinding is achieved with the use of our electrical grinders that evenly shave off its upper layers. With the excess that comes from the stumps, such as clippings or chips, we attempt to reuse these for mulching and landscaping purposes.


Transplanting is the practice of removing a tree or stump from location and replanting it into another. The process is a very delicate one that requires much planning and training. Only licensed professionals should attempt to transplant a tree or stump, as the existing plant will need care and comfort to adjust into its new location. If it is not integrated safely into its new place, it will like reject the transplant and deteriorate after transplanting. We always like to examine potential transplant cases beforehand, so we can determine if the tree or stump is healthy enough to be transplanted in the first place.

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